Sensor Four Leaf Clover LED
Sensor Four Leaf Clover LED
Sensor Four Leaf Clover LED
Sensor Four Leaf Clover LED

Sensor Four Leaf Clover LED

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New 4-Pack Motion Sensor Night Light Led Night Light Sensor Four Leaf Clover Intelligent LED Human Body Induction Led Wall Lamp
  • Light sensor and motion sensor lamp, energy-saving light, bringing your life great convenience. 
  • Effective induction within 2-3 meters. 
  • With bright/warm light under back-light design, avoid strong light to protect your eyes. 
  • Light turns on when a human body is inducted. When you leave, the light will turn off automatically after about 20 seconds. 
  • The light will turn off automatically when meets strong light. 
  • Battery operated, no wiring required, easy and convenient to use and install. 
  • With a sticker, can be stuck onto the wall or other places. 
  • Made of high-quality material, durable enough for long time daily use. 
  • Suitable for stairs, book-rack, bedroom, wardrobe, garage and so on.
  • Batteries are not included. 
  • Please take out the batteries if no use for a long time. 
  • Please look for a place relatively smooth surface to stick, if not smooth, then fear bad stick in the surface of the wall which can be attached to a protective film layer of plastic film. 
  • This light is especially good for children and old persons who want to go to like the washing room for example at night, which can be safe for them.

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