Fast Hair Growth Essence
Fast Hair Growth Essence
Fast Hair Growth Essence
Fast Hair Growth Essence
Fast Hair Growth Essence

Fast Hair Growth Essence

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Regrow Hair As Fast As 7 Days!

100% brand new and high quality

Chinese herbal formula prevent hair growth hair hair hair solid hair nutrition fat bald postpartum hair loss hair hair nutrition liquid 30ml

It is specially formulated with all-natural ingredients that prevent hair loss and makes hair grow fast! You'll surely notice a significant change in just 7 days!

The product makes the hair grow 2-3 times faster than the normal growing speed, allowing it to form smooth and healthily.

Usage: Add 3ml hair growth essence into 100ml shampoo and stir evenly

Specification: 30ml/bottle

Faster Hair Regrowth 

Accelerates hair growth up to 200%

Get fuller, thicker hair with continuous use.

Perfect for slow hair growth, inelastic hair, tangled dull hair, etc, giving you supple and thick hair.

Stop & Prevent Premature Alopecia:

Cleans the surface of the scalp and reduces follicle grease to effectively activate hair follicles.

Strengthens hair by cleaning hair follicle pores and rapidly repairing it.

Activates inactive hair papilla and provides necessary nutrition for hair cells to generate new ones.

Repairs and Nourishes hair from within.

Made From All Natural Ingredients:

Ginseng Extract - improves blood circulation while boosting the immune system!

Fleece Flower Root - helps stimulate the growth stage in hair follicles.

Ginger Extract - boost hair growth & a great natural hair conditioner.

Angelica Extract - inhibits the formation of DHT, a major cause of hair loss.

Suitable For Daily Use:

Easy To Use - just apply twice a day!

Smells incredibly good!

Safe and gentle on the skin. It causes no irritation of some sort!

How To Use:

1. Use at least 1-2 drops of the essential oil and massage it unto the hair scalp.

2. Use it twice a day for better results.**

3. Do not wet the hair after using the essential oil.

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